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The presence of dermatophilosis in Tamil Nadu was established from this study. Aim: The study was conducted to isolate and identify Dermatophilus congolensis DC using conventional and molecular diagnostic techniques in scab materials collected from skin infections of sheep and goats in the Delta region of Tamil Nadu. Materials and Methods: A total of 20 scab samples collected from 18 goats and 2 sheep from Nagapattinam, Thanjavur, and Tiruvarur districts of Tamil Nadu.

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Results: The peculiar laddering arrangement of coccoid forms in stained smears prepared from scab materials revealed the presence of DC. Conclusion: The presence of dermatophilosis in Tamil Nadu was established from this study. Trust in health care is of high intrinsic value. It also leads to positive outcomes such as better treatment adherence and disclosure of sensitive information. Therefore, there is a need to measure trust in health care objectively. The study was conducted in a private tertiary hospital setting in Tamil Nadu by a cross-sectional survey design.

The Trust in Physician Scale and General Trust Scale were administered to participants in the waiting area of a tertiary care hospital in Tamil Nadu. Descriptive statistics, exploratory factor analysis, and Cronbach's alpha statistics were used to assess the validity and reliability of the scale. The respondents were predominantly men from rural areas, older than 35 years of age, and with lesser than 8 years of schooling.

The questionnaire had acceptable internal consistency with Cronbach's alpha of 0. Exploratory factor analysis divided the questionnaire into four domains. Seven items loaded into factor 1 which explained dependability and competence of the physician, two items loaded on factor 2, and one each in factors 3 and 4.

The latter four items had very low item to total correlations and hence did not contribute much to the questionnaire.

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The Trust in Physician questionnaire needs to be modified to accurately measure the domains of trust in the context of the study area. More qualitative studies are required to understand the domains of trust in this cultural and social context. Fasting practices in Tamil Nadu and their importance for patients with diabetes. Religious practices and cultural customs related to eating habits have a significant impact on lifestyle and health of the community. The Ramadan fasting in Muslims and its influence on various metabolic parameters such as diabetes have been reasonably studied. However, literature related to Hindu religious customs related to fasting and food patterns during various festivals and its effect on diabetes are scarce.

This article is an attempt to describe the Hindu religious customs related to fasting and food practices from the State of Tamil Nadu South India and to raise the awareness among physicians about its relationship with diabetes which may help in managing their diabetic patients in a better way. Prevalence of intestinal and haemoprotozoan parasites of small ruminants in Tamil Nadu , India. Aim: The aim of the present study is to assess the prevalence of intestinal and haemoprotozoan parasites of small ruminants Sheep and Goats in North Western part of Tamil Nadu , India.

Materials and Methods: A total of faecal samples sheep, goats and blood smears sheep, goats were examined, for the presence of eggs of intestinal and haemoprotozoan parasites, respectively. The samples were received from the Veterinary college hospital and Veterinary dispensaries in North Western part of Tamil Nadu.

Highly, significant difference p Prevalence of intestinal and haemoprotozoan parasites of small ruminants in Tamil Nadu , India. The aim of the present study is to assess the prevalence of intestinal and haemoprotozoan parasites of small ruminants Sheep and Goats in North Western part of Tamil Nadu , India. A total of faecal samples sheep, goats and blood smears sheep, goats were examined, for the presence of eggs of intestinal and haemoprotozoan parasites, respectively. Highly, significant difference p Fasting practices in Tamil Nadu and their importance for patients with diabetes.

Home Office study. Age, sex, method of killing and motives of the murderers are discussed. The implications of the study with reference to the penal institutions and prevention of crime are dealt with. A close observation of the coastal villages specifically revealed high background radioactivity in 14 coastal villages. A very high intrinsic anomalous radioactivity of This is the highest level of radiation registered in South India, which is extremely higher than the permissible world average and is suggestive of causing severe clinical problems on continuous and prolonged exposure.

Worlds apart 1: Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. Reaping rewards of social development. Tamil Nadu had a annual growth rate of 1. The lower fertility and mortality in Tamil Nadu was achieved through a sustained, multifaceted social and economic effort and through promotion, reach, and quality of family planning in a short time period.

Political leadership and media efforts since the s have strengthened support for the small family norm, later marriage, and improved status of women. Infrastructure development includes roads and water supplies in every village, rural electrification, and a government center in every village. Special emphasis was placed on a program initiated in to provide a nutritious midday meal in school to every child living in poverty. In , this program cost Rs. The result has been increasing school enrollment, greater retention of female children, reductions in malnutrition, and opportunities for local part-time employment and increased social status in the community.

In some locations, the meal program includes day care centers and meals for the aged.

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Another social program provides cash loans of Rs. Financial assistance is available for widows who remarry and for intercaste marriages. A new program provides a gold ring, educational expenses, and Rs. Collectives exist in 12, women's groups. Fluid inclusion and mineral chemistry data was presented for samples from the type charnockite area near Pallavaram Tamil Nadu , India.

The results indicate the presence of a dense CO2 fluid phase, but the data cannot distinguish between influx of this fluid from elsewhere or localized migration of CO2-rich fluids associated with dehydration melting. This study examined the impact of classroom teachers' attitudes towards inclusive education, teachers' self-efficacy and classroom practices on the social status of students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms in Tamil Nadu , India. Questionnaires, interviews and classroom observations were employed to gather data.

The data analysis included…. Background radiation and individual dosimetry in the costal area of Tamil Nadu , India. South coast of India is known as the high-level background radiation area HBRA mainly due to beach sands that contain natural radionuclides as components of the mineral monazite. The rich deposit of monazite is unevenly distributed along the coastal belt of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

From the sands collected at the HBRA spot, the high-purity germanium semi-conductor detector identified six nuclides of thorium series, four nuclides of uranium series and two nuclides belonging to actinium series. The highest radioactivity observed was The individual dose of five inhabitants in Chinnavillai, as measured by the radiophotoluminescence glass dosimetry system, demonstrated the average dose of 7. Status of microbial diversity in agroforestry systems in Tamil Nadu , India. Soil is a complex and dynamic biological system.

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Agroforestry systems are considered to be an alternative land use option to help and prevent soil degradation, improve soil fertility, microbial diversity, and organic matter status. An increasing interest has emerged with respect to the importance of microbial diversity in soil habitats. The present study deals with the status of microbial diversity in agroforestry systems in Tamil Nadu.

Eight soil samples were collected from different fields in agroforestry systems in Cuddalore, Villupuram, Tiruvanamalai, and Erode districts, Tamil Nadu. The number of microorganisms and physico-chemical parameters of soils were quantified. It is interesting to note that the microbial population was positively correlated with the physico-chemical properties of different soil samples screened. Total bacterial count had positive correlation with soil organic carbon C , moisture content, pH, nitrogen N , and micronutrients such as Iron Fe , copper Cu , and zinc Zn. Similarly, the total actinomycete count also showed positive correlations with bulk density, moisture content, pH, C, N, phosphorus P , potassium K , calcium Ca , copper Cu , magnesium Mg , manganese Mn , and zinc Zn.

It was also noticed that the soil organic matter, vegetation, and soil nutrients altered the microbial community under agroforestry systems. KGaA, Weinheim. Structural patterns in high grade terrain in parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Detailed geological mapping in parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has brought out vast areas occupied by highly deformed charnockite and high grade gneisses. These areas, similar to high grade shield terrains in other parts of the world have the impress of extensive tectonic reworking multideformation and polymetamorphism and are closely associated with layered ultramafics, shelf type sediments and different igneous events.

In North Arcot and Charmapuri districts of Tamil Nadu and Kollegal taluk in Mysore district in Karnataka, charnockite is intensely cofolded with a supracrustal succession of layered ultramafics, pyroxene granulite, pink granolites, magnetite quartzite and khondalites. These areas have undergone five phases of deformation, five generations of basic dyke activities, four phases of migmatisation and two periods of metallogeny. Geochronological data ranges from m. In working out the tectanostratigraphy of the above areas the basic dykes of different generations have served as major time markers.

In addition, the persistent strike continuity of linear bands of pyroxene granulite, pink granolite and magnetite quartzite has been of great utility in using them as structural markers for bringing out the complex structural history in these areas. Serum samples from immunodeficient and immunocompetent patients were collected at Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu from May to October They were subjected into in-house IgG assay using enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay ELISA in which tachyzoite soluble antigen derived from solubilised whole organisms was used.

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Among the immunocompetent group of patients, 19 patients The overall seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in and around Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu was The study has proved ELISA to be a sensitive and specific procedure for the serodiagnosis of toxoplasmosis. Nontronite mineral identification in nilgiri hills of tamil nadu using hyperspectral remote sensing.

Hyperspectral Remote sensing is a tool to identify the minerals along with field investigation. To enhance the user and industry requirements, mineral extraction is required.

To identify the minerals properly, sophisticated tools are required. Hyperspectral remote sensing provides continuous extraction of earth surface information in an accurate manner. Nontronite is an iron-rich mineral mainly available in Nilgiri hills, Tamil Nadu , India. Due to the large number of bands, hyperspectral data require various preprocessing steps such as bad bands removal, destriping, radiance conversion and atmospheric correction.

The spectral data reduction is carried out with minimum noise fraction MNF method. The spatial information is reduced using pixel purity index PPI with iterations. In the Nontronite mineral gives the probability of 0. Finally the classification is accomplished using spectral angle mapper SAM method. Sexual function in women in rural Tamil Nadu : disease, dysfunction, distress and norms.

We examined the nature, prevalence and explanatory models of sexual concerns and dysfunction among women in rural Tamil Nadu. Married women between 18 and 65 years of age, from randomly selected villages in Kaniyambadi block, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu , were chosen by stratified sampling technique. Sociodemographic variables and other risk factors were also assessed. Most of the women ; The prevalence of sexual dysfunction, based on the cut-off score on the FSFI, was However, only a minority of women considered it a problem 4.

The most common explanatory models offered for sexual problems included an unhappy marriage,stress and physical problems. Factors associated with lower FSFI included older age, illiteracy, as well as medical illness and sexual and marital factors such as menopause, poor quality of marital relationship, history of physical abuse and lack of privacy. The diagnosis of female sexual dysfunction needs to be nuanced and based on the broader personal and social context. Our findings argue that there is a need to use models that employ personal, local and contextual standards in assessing complex behaviours such as sexual function.

High prevalence of tobacco use, alcohol use and overweight in a rural population in Tamil Nadu , India. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death in India. There is high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in urban Tamil Nadu. There are limited data on the prevalence of behavioral risk factors and overweight in rural Tamil Nadu.

We estimated prevalence of behavioral risk factors, overweight and central obesity in a rural population in Tamil Nadu , India. Study population included 10, subjects aged years. We collected data on behavioral risk factors and anthropometric measurements. Body mass index BMI was categorized using the classification recommended for Asians. We computed proportions for all risk factors and used trend chi-square to examine trend.

Among males, Among females, Most commonly used edible oil was palm oil followed by sunflower oil and groundnut oil. We observed high prevalence of tobacco use, alcohol use and central obesity in the rural population in Tamil Nadu. There is need for health promotion programs to encourage adoption of healthy lifestyle and policy interventions to create enabling environment. A cross-sectional survey of the models in Bihar and Tamil Nadu , India for pooled procurement of medicines. In India, access to medicine in the public sector is significantly affected by the efficiency of the drug procurement system and allied processes and policies.

This study was conducted in two socioeconomically different states: Bihar and Tamil Nadu. Both have a pooled procurement system for drugs but follow different models. In Bihar, the volumes of medicines required are pooled at the state level and rate contracted an open tender process invites bidders to quote for the lowest rate for the list of medicines , while actual invoicing and payment are done at district level. In Tamil Nadu , medicine quantities are also pooled at state level but payments are also processed at state level upon receipt of laboratory quality-assurance reports on the medicines.

In this cross-sectional survey, a range of financial and non-financial data related to procurement and distribution of medicine, such as budget documents, annual reports, tender documents, details of orders issued, passbook details and policy and guidelines for procurement were analysed.

In addition, a so-called ABC analysis of the procurement data was done to to identify high-value medicines. Further, it was observed that Bihar's system was fuelling irrational procurement; for example, fluconazole antifungal alone was consuming Also, the ratios of procurement prices for Bihar compared with Tamil Nadu were in the range of 1.

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Background An ethnobotanical survey was carried out to collect information on the use of medicinal plants in Southern Western Ghats of India Madurai district, Tamil Nadu. Information presented in this paper was gathered from the paliyar tribes using an integrated approach of botanical collections, group discussions and interviews with questionnaires in the years — The informants interviewed were 12 among whom 4 were tribal practitioners. Results A total of 60 ethnomedicinal plant species distributed in 32 families are documented in this study. The medicinal plants used by paliyars are listed with Latin name, family, local name, parts used, mode of preparation and medicinal uses.

Generally, fresh part of the plant was used for the preparation of medicine. Conclusion We observed that the documented ethnomedicinal plants were mostly used to cure skin diseases, poison bites, stomachache and nervous disorders. The results of this study showed that these tribal people still depend on medicinal plants in Madurai district forest areas. The study primarily based on field surveys conducted throughout the hills, where dwellers provided information on plant species used as medicine, plant parts used to prepare the remedies and ailments to which the remedies were prescribed.

The study resulted about plant species belonging to genera and families of medicinal plants related to folk medicine used by the local people. Among them the most common plants viz. Miers, Tridax procumbens L. Backed by MS-SQL, and ASP-Net at the front end, this database provide information on both quantitative and qualitative descriptors of the rice varities inclusive of their parental details. Enabled by an user friendly search utility, the database can be effectively searched by the varietal descriptors, and the entire contents are navigable as well.

The database comes handy to the plant breeders involved in the varietal improvement programs to decide on the choice of parental lines. Thirteen human beings were infested with ticks at Sandynallah and Gudalur of the Nilgiris district and Mottur Suruvakkam of Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu from January to December The collected ticks were identified as Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides , Otobius megnini and Hyalomma isaaci. The tick infestation was observed more on the persons working with animals sheep and goats than those working in tea estate.

The person infested with R. The people infested with O. Tick infestation on sheep, goat, horse and wild hare in Tamil Nadu. The prevalence of tick infestation and their predilection sites on sheep, goat, horse and wild hare were studied at various places of Tamil Nadu , India. The prevalence of tick infestation in Madras red sheep, Tellicherry goat and horse was Sheep were heavily infested with Haemaphysalis bispinosa followed by Hyalomma isaaci , Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides and H. The ticks from goats were identified as H. Horses were infested with Otobus megnini and R. The ticks on wild hare Lepus nigricollis were identified as R.

Wild hare acts as a source of infestation to the sheep and goats since these animals shared the same field.

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Sarcoptic mange infestation in rabbits in an organized farm at Tamil Nadu. Sarcoptes scabiei are burrowing mites which causes major constraints in rabbit production. Overall incidence of mange infestation in rabbit was On microscopical examination, the mite was identified as Sacoptes scabiei var cuniculi.

Among the breeds, Soviet Chinchilla were found to be infested more Among the age groups, adults Among the sex, males Lesions were mostly found on the edges of ear, nose, face and legs and characterized by loss of hair, thickening of the skin, irregular dried dirty encrusted scabs with erythema and disfigurement of face and ear.

Data on nearshore wave process and surficial beach deposits, central Tamil Nadu coast, India. The chronicles of nearshore morphology and surficial beach deposits provide valuable information about the nature of the beach condition and the depositional environment.

It imparts an understanding about the spatial and temporal relationship of nearshore waves and its influence over the distribution of beach sediments. This article contains data about wave and sediment dynamics of the ten sandy beaches along the central Tamil Nadu coast, India. This present dataset comprises nearshore wave parameters, breaker wave type, beach morphodynamic state, grain size distribution and weight percentage of heavy and light mineral distribution.

The dataset will figure out the beach morphology and hydrodynamic condition with respect to the different monsoonal season. This will act as a field reference to realize the coastal dynamics in an open sea condition. The nearshore entities were obtained from the intensive field survey between January and December , while characteristics of beach sediments are examined by the chemical process in the laboratory environment.

Seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in voluntary blood donors of Puducherry and surrounding districts of Tamil Nadu. Our objective is to study the seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in the voluntary blood donors of Puducherry and surrounding districts of Tamil Nadu. While, 54 out of donors had IgG antibodies Among 54 IgG positive donors, only two had low avidity 3. Feasibility and cost effectiveness studies should be conducted throughout India to decide regarding screening of blood donors for toxoplasmosis.

Population movements to a growth-pole: the case of Hosur, Tamil Nadu. This study examines the characteristics of population growth in Hosur, a small town in Tamil Nadu , India. Commuting is not important in the mobility pattern of Hosur, less than ten per cent of employees in the industrial areas travelling daily from outside.

Only one-third of the non-migrant labour force has access to the more attractive jobs in the modern factories, while short-term wage labour plays an important role in the labour structure of commuters. The demographic future of Hosur is not connected strongly with commuting patterns, but more with the spatial behaviour of the bachelors. Origin of Cretaceous phosphorites from the onshore of Tamil Nadu , India. Cretaceous phosphorites from the onshore of Tamil Nadu have been investigated for their origin and compared with those in the offshore. Cretaceous phosphorites occur as light brown to yellowish brown or white nodules in Karai Shale of the Uttatur Group in the onshore Cauvery basin.

Nodules exhibit phosphatic nucleus encrusted by a chalky shell of carbonate. Scanning electron microscope SEM studies reveal trapping and binding activity of microbial filaments. A mat structure with linearly arranged microbial filaments and hollow, cell-based coccoid cyanobacterial mat are present. Nodules contain abundant carbonate fluorapatite, followed by minor calcite, quartz and feldspar.

We suggest that the nuclei of the nodules represent phosphate clasts related to phosphate stromatolites formed at intertidal conditions. At high energy levels the microbial mats were disintegrated into phosphate clasts, coated with carbonate and then reworked into Karai Shale. On the other hand, Quaternary phosphorites occur as irregular to rounded, grey coloured phosphate clasts at water depths between and m on the continental shelf of Tamil Nadu.

They exhibit grain-supported texture. Despite Quaternary in age, they also resemble phosphate stromatolites of intertidal origin and reworked as phosphate clasts onto the shelf margin depressions. Benthic microbial mats probably supplied high phosphorus to the sediments. Availability of excess phosphorus seems to be a pre-requisite for the formation of phosphate stromatolites.

Self-reported morbidity and health service utilization in rural Tamil Nadu , India. In Tamil Nadu , India, improvements have been made toward developing a high-quality, universally accessible healthcare system. However, some rural residents continue to confront significant barriers to obtaining healthcare.

The primary objective of this study was to investigate self-reported morbidity, health literacy, and healthcare preferences, utilization, and experiences in order to identify priority areas for government health policies and programs. Drawing on 66 semi-structured interviews and household surveys including individuals , administered in 26 rural villages in Tamil Nadu 's Krishnagiri district, we found that the prevalence of self-reported major health conditions was There was a large burden of non-communicable and chronic diseases, and the most common major morbidities were: connective tissue problems 7.

Increased age and decreased education level were associated with higher odds of reporting most diseases. Low health literacy levels resulted in individuals seeking care only once pain interfered with daily activities. As such, individuals' health-seeking behaviour depended on which strategy was believed to result in the fastest return to work using the fewest resources.

Although government facilities were the most common healthcare access point, they were mistrusted; Conversely, Our results highlight that addressing the chronic and non-communicable disease burdens amongst rural populations in this context will require health policies and village-level programs that address the low health literacy and the issues of rural healthcare accessibility and acceptability. All rights. The aim of this article is to assess Tamil Nadu pediatric computed tomography CT diagnostic reference levels DRLs by collecting radiation dose data for the most commonly performed CT examinations.

This work was performed for thirty CT scanners installed in various parts of the Tamil Nadu region. ST outbreaks occurred during winter months but at intervals of one to three years. With only a few reports of ST in Puducherry, this study was undertaken to look for the persistence of ST cases in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu in the winter months. Methods: During relatively cooler months of September, to March, , a total of 45 patients with fever and clinical suspicion of ST and who provided both acute and convalescent blood samples were included.

Results: Of the 45 patients, 21 adults and seven children were confirmed as ST based on clinical and laboratory findings, and positivity in specific serological test s. Similarly, for WF the values were Model forecast was carried out using nested domain and the impact of model horizontal grid resolutions were assessed at 9 km, 6 km and 3 km. Analysis of the synoptic features using National Center for Environmental Prediction Global Forecast System NCEP-GFS analysis data revealed strong upper-level divergence and high moisture content at lower level were favorable for the occurrence of heavy rainfall event over the northeast coast of Tamil Nadu.

The study signified that forecasted rainfall was more sensitive to the microphysics and PBL schemes compared to the LSM schemes. The model provided better forecast of the heavy rainfall event using the logical combination of Goddard microphysics, YSU PBL and Noah LSM schemes, and it was mostly attributed to timely initiation and development of the convective system. The forecast with different horizontal resolutions using cumulus parameterization indicated that the rainfall prediction was not well represented at 9 km and 6 km.

The forecast with 3 km horizontal resolution provided better prediction in terms of timely initiation and development of the event. The study highlights that forecast of heavy rainfall events using a high-resolution mesoscale model with suitable representations of physical parameterization schemes are useful for disaster management and planning to minimize the potential loss of life and property. However, the majority of people with FH are undiagnosed and under treated. Aim To determine awareness, knowledge and practices of registered medical practitioners regarding FH in India.

Materials and Methods Physicians from a southern state of India Tamil Nadu who see the general cases were requested to complete a structured online survey questionnaire based on the outcomes on screening, diagnostic and service aspects of FH. Results A total of physicians were surveyed, The awareness of specific aspects of FH were as follows: heritability Conclusion The study identified substantial deficit in the awareness and knowledge of FH among primary care physicians in Tamil Nadu.

Extensive and continuous medical education programs are required to close the gap in coronary prevention. Coverage of childhood vaccination among children aged months, Tamil Nadu , , India. Murhekar, Manoj V. Daniel; Boopathi, K. We, therefore, conducted cluster surveys to estimate coverage of childhood vaccination in the State, and also to identify the factors associated with low coverage.

Results: A total of children were surveyed, of them The coverage of individual vaccine ranged between 84 per cent measles and About 12 per cent V-FVC were not vaccinated as per the vaccination schedule. District-Level Household Survey-4 DLHS-4 indicated that during , only 56 per cent of children aged months in Tamil Nadu were fully vaccinated, which were lesser than those reported in earlier national surveys.

Further, coverage of fully vaccinated children FVC as per vaccination cards or mothers' recall, validated coverage of FVC V-FVC among those having cards, and coverage of appropriately vaccinated children AVC were estimated using survey data analysis module with appropriate sampling weights. A total of children were surveyed, of them Interdependency between water and energy is generally transacted in trade-off mode; where either of the resource gets affected because of the other. Generally this trade-off is commonly known as water-energy nexus. Many studies have been undertaken in various parts of the world using various approaches to tease out the intricate nexus.

This research has adopted a different approach to quantify the inter-dependency. The adopted approach made an attempt to tease out the nexus from demand side for both the resources. Using this approach percentage share of water for energy and energy for water was estimated. For an informed decision making and sustainable development, assessment was carried out at state level as most of the policies are made specifically for the state. The research was done for the southernmost state of India, Tamil Nadu which is a rapidly growing industrial hub.

Tamil Nadu is energy and water intensive state and the analysis shows that the share of water demand from energy sector compared to water demand from other major sectors is miniscule. This analysis indicated the relative risk sectors face in competition for the resource. It point outs that water sector faces fierce competition with other sectors for energy. Moreover, the results of the study has assessed that state has negative water balance, which may make access to water more energy intensive with time.

But, a projection into future scenario with an assumption based on the ongoing policy program of improving irrigation efficiency was made. It provided a solution of a potential positive equilibrium which conserves both water and energy. This scenario gave promising results which indicated less of water demand from. A community health programme in rural Tamil Nadu , India: the need for gender justice for women.

The many schemes that are specifically for women and general projects for the community from which women can also benefit represent a multi-pronged approach whose aim is the improvement of women's health, education and employment in the context of community development. However, despite five decades of work with a clear bias in favour of women, the improvement in health and the empowerment of women has lagged behind that achieved by men. We believe this is because the community, with its strong male bias, utilises the health facilities and education and employment programmes more for the benefit of men and boys than women and girls.

The article argues for a change of approach, in which gender and women's issues are openly discussed and debated with the community. It would appear that nothing short of social change will bring about an improvement in the health of women and a semblance of gender equality in the region. Evaluation of water quality and hydrogeochemistry of surface and groundwater, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu , India.

Krishna Kumar, S. Water quality of Tiruvallur Taluk of Tiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu , India has been analysed to assess its suitability in relation to domestic and agricultural uses. Langelier Saturation Index LSI values suggest that the water is slightly corrosive and non-scale forming in nature. Gibbs plot suggests that the study area is dominated by evaporation and rock-water dominance process.

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