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Instinctively, you know that virtually every other area of your life is bound to benefit if you are at peace on the home front and within yourself.

September is active for making memories with loved ones and for getting some much needed downtime. Indeed, domestic life is likely to be animated at times, but mostly in a pleasurable way.

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A home project or family matter might hit a snag, or you may feel uninspired just for the time being. Feeling less confident about your plans, goals, or ambitions is temporary.

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Find healthy ways to rest, escape, and renew your spirit. Uncertainties related to life plan goals, or a lack of solid game plan or structure, can subtly undermine your efforts to improve and enjoy your relationships. If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present Namaste. Gemini — The Twins. Gemini is the Third Ruling House.

Imaginative Aquarius will bring you no shortage of new and exciting things to try. You might settle down with: Aries. Treat them well, and Aries will never run out of ways to surprise you. Dutiful Pisces is the perfect partner to submit to your deepest fantasies. You might settle down with: Leo. Sex should be fun, and you need a partner who will stimulate you both physically and mentally while still keeping it lighthearted.

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  5. You might settle down with: Libra. Devoted Taurus will let you take hold of the reins perhaps literally!

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    You might settle down with: Aquarius. Aquarius is the perfect blend of consistency and originality to keep your life exciting.

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    4. You might settle down with: Scorpio. You may have a different way of showing it, but you love with your whole heart, and expect nothing less from a partner. Loyal Scorpio will show you the undying adoration you need and deserve.

      WHORE-oscopes: Sex, Love, and the Zodiac

      You might settle down with: Taurus. Your head is in the clouds, and while that makes you a great romantic, a life partner should be able to pull you back when they need to. Down-to-Earth Taurus will keep you grounded while still letting you wander from time to time. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Name required. Email Address required.

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