Moon in scorpio woman compatibility

Sun in Scorpio

It's often said that Scorpio Moons go through epic ordeals in love that become a matter of life and death. It's this capacity for profound psychic upheaval that keeps Scorpio Moons from diving off the deep end.

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Scorpio is Pluto -ruled, and deals with risk, regeneration, and cracking open what's repressed or buried. Astrologer Kevin Burk notes that the moon is in its detriment in Scorpio.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility —

That means it's tough to respond with Scorpio intensity in everyday life. It frightens people, and Scorpio Moons instinctively know that, and bottle up their feelings. Writes Burk in Understanding the Birth Chart : "If they are not able to express their feelings, the emotional blocks will manifest in their physical bodies, and they will get physically ill—most frequently in the form of stomach discomfort the moon rules the stomach.

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The Scorpio Moon needs full whole-soul engagement in life but might only find this in passionate, dramatic love affairs. A challenge, says Burk, is for them to find that in other areas of their life, too.

Scorpio Moon Compatibility: Deep and Meaningful

Scorpio is a water moon , making you ultra sensitive to the moods around you. You digest all the vibes, good and bad. Scorpio Moons are especially vulnerable to dark atmospheres—toxic, heavy, stagnant, spiritually degraded. You need to purge ill feelings on a periodic basis. Over time, you will learn to trust your strong instincts about situations and people.

Scorpio Moon Sign Characteristics & Compatibility

Those with the moon in Scorpio often try to act cool and under control, but there's a brooding intensity below the surface. They experience intense feelings, which they often fear to express.

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This makes even intimate friends and family reluctant to probe too deeply. The secretive Scorpio Moon can sometimes end up lost in all that churning emotion. This is the time when they are feeling you out - deciding if you are trustworthy enough for them to reveal their innermost needs and desires.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

The Moon in Scorpio craves depth and this will reflect his attitude towards sex as well. Emotional entanglement is nearly impossible to avoid if the relationship turns sexual. And with the Moon in Scorpio, it will be deeply sexual.

The most dominating need for a lover with the Moon in Scorpio is the need to know. He will want to pore right into your depths and make love to the very core of your soul. Mercury in Pisces is a dreamer. When you date someone with this Mercury placement you will be enthralled at his imagination and creative potential. He can easily express himself with great intuition and sensitivity so the feeling aspect of your relationship is likely to be intense.