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However, the most important thing for a Capricorn woman is that she needs to be with someone who can keep up with her. They must accept the fact that she can be a bit intimidating because her warmth and compassion is beneath the surface. To wrap it up, a Capricorn woman can appear cold at first, but she is actually very loving and kind.

Her drive and devotion to her career are some of her best qualities.

Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Capricorn

However, this can make her relationships more challenging. Some men may feel intimidated by her success and desire to lead. Her devotion and strength will not appeal to everyone, but it will appeal to the right one. By providing the information below you will receive early-bird invitations to our events, exclusive musings tailored to your interests, and access to our curated mentorship program. To join our community, just fill out the form below. Note: Your privacy is important to us, so please know that your information will always remain confidential!

Best Mate for Capricorn

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Capricorn Personality Traits

More Relationships Stories. Antonia Siegler. Emilie Bock. Relationships Yes, He Is a Pisces. And why not… after all, she is the epitome of self-control, discipline, responsibility, and she is all about family, traditions, and establishing a genuine family bond like no other. You just know if she gives you a chance you can make a real go of it at a tried and true committed relationship! The planetary influence associated with Capricorn is Saturn: A planet aligning with mystery but also maleficent.

The energies of this planet call for the reemergence of emotion from the deep subconscious.

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The stirring of emotions is necessary. It allows the Capricorn Woman a chance to address the conscious mind with High Self wisdom, which stems from the subconscious regions of her mind. Imagine the rings of Saturn, which are rocky, watery, icy fragments and debris being deeply hidden emotions embedded or frozen in the subconscious , as they circle around the body of the planet. Then you can understand why a Capricorn Woman is more apt revisit parts or fragments of her past.

She rummages through memories to bring closure to different or uncomfortable life events or situations. In fact, the influence of her ruling planet will urge her throughout her life. It will cause her to be reflective, return to past events in her mind, and to seek clarity or learn life lessons from things that have occurred. Upon dealing with said issues, the negative influence Saturn brings will end. If you are looking for a partner who will settle down and make a long-term commitment, the Capricorn Woman fits the bill. But, only once you break through her protective barrier and she allows you into her world.

She is an intense lover, a loyal partner, and she will be your lifelong friend once you have become intimate with her if you remain loyal. As the beginning of the relationship unravels, the Capricorn Woman takes a methodical in her approach to love. But she is one who will demand an authentic partner. The Capricorn Woman will not accept any level of mediocrity. To woo her, a simple date on the town, with some dancing, dinner, and maybe a movie will do.

She is even willing to go the experimental route when things get truly intimate. The Capricorn Woman will present herself as a tough cookie to crack; you will see this in the way she expresses herself and keeps romantic interests at bay until she decides it is time to allow the person entry into her domain. Her reality is a kingdom, and she is the Queen of it where she rules with a firm hand. She makes plain both her tough attitude and her endless strength. She, thereby, suggests she is so independent she need not rely on anyone else for anything at all ever. Then, beneath this thin veneer is the real Capricorn Woman, one who is sensitive, romantic, soft, gentle, and compassionate.

She protects herself with a strong, tough presentation.

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The Capricorn Woman shows the world, and this allows her to move forward all while preventing circumstances that may arise where someone might victimize her. She is so compassionate that she has the tendency to take on the problems of others. In doing so, she ends up consuming a lot of her time helping others out.

She fears what is risky, and that includes love, and this may send her running the other way when real intimacy comes into play in a relationship. While she wants love, it is also something terrifies her. Falling in love will cause her to have to give up her tough facade and to open herself up to the potential risk of getting a broken heart. Yes, she likes straight lines rather than curves and the practical over the posh, but she still has a home that exudes with its own kind of elegance.

Her home is well-organized and designed. When you walk into the home of the Capricorn Woman, you will get the immediate sense of something pristine, clean, vibrant, and well-cared for; she likes to feel comfortable and cannot do that successfully in an otherwise unorganized environment.

She will appreciate the more expensive pieces of art as she is somewhat of an art connoisseur. Some ocean scenes make for the just right kind of artwork for this woman who falls under the sign of Capricorn, the half sea-goat, and half human. She will want a kitchen with all the latest accessories, technologies, and niceties as this is the room she can demonstrate her remarkable cooking skills.

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The home of a Capricorn is most often in a mountainous region or deep in the country; you may find they live in an old farmhouse overflowing with modern conveniences and with all the advanced amenities. The home is spacious inside, giving the Capricorn Woman plenty of room to move about freely without feeling confined; it is likely to be a bi-level location too, as everything has its proper place in her home and she requires plenty of storage space for her belongings. All rights reserved.

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