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Opportunity and possibilities for career advancement can be overwhelming for you this month, Gemini! Try not to get too warbled in your mind trying to figure out how you are going to manage everything. You will. You will ask the right questions and rework things to accommodate all parties.

You always manage to outwit everyone and spin the story to get exactly what you want—or close enough. So trust that! Be willing to travel.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222

Be willing to work from strange places. Be willing to drag the family along or work more time at home. Final Thought: See what feels true, even beyond the logical. Listen for the truth this month, Cancer. There has been uncertainty around a new beginning for you and you are about to see so clearly how brilliantly everything is coming together. Your intuitive abilities are on MAX this month, so trust no one more than yourself now.

Weekly Horoscope - Leo Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October,

Tune in and feel the guidance of spirit deep within you. There is some powerful soul training happening within you now. And this is going to help guide your year quite powerfully. Keep your eyes open for the birds. They will be guiding you this month. Information that may have been hidden for a time is coming to the light. You are being shown the truth. You are divinely protected for a safe passage through. Listen to what your body is telling you now.

You have some big changes in and this month is forcing you to see what you need to do to prepare—whether you want to or not! Spend time alone this month whenever you can. You know what you want, Virgo! Kicking off the new year—you see it. You know the change you want to see in the life you are living. The cards show that you should own and trust this certainty—then let go of needing everything to happen all at once.

Start with simple steps, take action to change past patterns. Look at the consequences of your rage and emotions last month. For some of you just being with family around the holidays you may have been able to see all too clearly how this pattern is in your DNA. Congratulations though, you are breaking the patterns! You cannot claim ignorance any longer, January is about the tranquility of peace and understanding.

This important shift is going to move SO many things in your life to allow you to grow higher! Libra, your January is a relaxed celebration as long as you can stay out of your head! The Chariot implies a triumphal feeling of freedom! You made some monumental changes last year. Growth for you was undeniable. Anyone who knows you can see how you have expanded the power of your heart. Be open to travel and learning this month and try to get yourself out a little bit more. You can handle it! Be social and whip that suitcase out for some last minute travel opportunities.

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Be rebellious! Final thought: Plato said you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. Self-healing is the name of your game this month. Work should not be the emphasis. For you Scorpio, you are finding another level of enlightenment. This is more powerful than you can imagine. If you can go on retreat—GO! Spend the new moon and full moon connecting to your soul. Let the moon envelope you. Sleep, rest and notice your energy levels all month. Final Thought: Kanyini is the Aboriginal teaching of unconditional love.

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Practice these 4 principles in January — 1. A sense of belonging to home and land. Family connecting with life.

Leo daily horoscope - 9 October 12222

Love, spirit or soul. The belief about creation and the right way to live. Sag, you have an energetic lift supporting you this month. The advice here is get ready to make some bold moves. Ask the right questions and talk through contracts, but do not be afraid to go after your dreams! This is your year! Tremolite is the perfect stone for those born on January 6th as a crystal to help activate new pathways in their brain and find solutions to problems that a person is stuck in for years.

It liberates one from their rigid or dogmatic views on faith and religion, opening their views towards a new state of spirituality and life outside of their common realm of existence. The best gift for people born on this date will be a surprise itself.

LEO JANUARY 2019 Horoscope Psychic Tarot Reading [Lamarr Townsend Tarot]

What they get should be modern, artistic, and filled with emotion, and even better if given to them several days before their actual birthday. There is something quick and unexpected to their nature, and the most spontaneous reaction will come when surprised at an odd time. Masters of symbolism, they will enjoy hand written notes, maps leading them to treasure, and anything with a hidden meaning to be discovered.

Creative individuals, ahead of their time and aware of the needs of modern society, always social enough to create their own social circle. Humanitarian and concerned about wellbeing of others and the world, they will find freedom in accepting their own emotional nature.

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In constant inner conflict, going through a battle of their need to be free with their need for security. There is a lot of stress to their existence and as freedom prevails, they tend to forget real friends they made along the way.

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