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Good luck! Slyvia Browne has been operating a scam for years in California. I once paid for a reading With her in person. When I got there she was "unavoidably detained " and her son did the reading instead. Not good! If anyone has advice please help me. The first time I saw Sylvia Browne on television I "knew" she was a fake and could not believe people were taking her seriously. Come on Montel. Follow your heart. Do not listen to others voice. You have your own voice to listen to. Each one of us has our own truth and has our own path to walk. Sylvia the author is walking her path but does not mean that everything she says is true or not true, or right or wrong.

Use your own discernment and intuition, do not listen to what other people are saying. Every bit of what you are sharing is soooo TRUE! I did the same thing before having the chance to read your article. There is always a catch. Thanks for all your reviews. They're really informative and you are quite funny! Sylvia Browne has always rubbed me the wrong way, and knowing she's a part of this scam doesn't help my opinion of her. I know you wrote this in all seriousness to help people not get scammed, but I was laughing about some of the stuff they said. When I personally read tarot for people, I'm not even sure if I'm accurate.

I read it as I see it, and hope for the best. Don't you have to say it's "for entertainment only? If somebody is too immature to make their own choices, and instead goes against their instincts because of a tarot or astrology reading, it's not the fault of the reader. Readers have to distance themselves to a certain degree, or customers like I spoke about above get like leeches. Most of them are scams, and how do you know they aren't using her name and stuff without her permission.

Good article with good information. It is clear that the "free" readings are not meant to be free. And why would "accurate readings" be for "entertainment only? Thanks for the eye opener. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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An Intro To Key Issues In Psychic Readings Online

Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Horoscope Review: SpiritNow. SylviaSky more. Worst U. Psychic Hid Her Name for Good Reason Negative reviews of the late Sylvia Browne, media psychic and convict , span the Internet and she was notorious for false psychic readings, so while she was alive her online business venture SpiritNow.

New Moon in Gemini Horoscopes: Mixed Signals

Dig Her Manicure. My Free Five-Minute Reading I'd sent my question via the Web so I thought the service rep would have it already, but he made me repeat it and then gave me the extension for Patsy, a "third-generation psychic" and "clairvoyant channel" who could contact my spirit guide. More Articles AskNow.

Worst U.S. Psychic Hid Her Name for Good Reason

Ironically, Greece, the birthplace of western democracy two and a half millennia ago, will decide in large measure the future of much the west and indeed maybe of democracy itself, in the next six weeks or so. The problem is that reason, so beloved by the ancient Greeks, is so often now not how we grapple with problems, especially when it affects how we live and our general sense of well being. Emotion and prejudice rule our stances. As Pluto and Uranus increasingly challenge each other, so we see a polarization of views and increasing extremism whether liberal Uranus in Aries from March or a right of center clinging to the old status quo Pluto in Capricorn.

Emotions rather than pure logic inflame the mood. This is because the insipient battle is felt increasingly as a primeval fight for survival. Haidt outlines how Liberals rely heavily on the power of pure reason, and do not so readily resort to instincts, or a historic sense of loyalty to a nation or to a particular subgroup, which can cause reason to become subordinate to a passionate, knee-jerk response, which is often a recidivistic tribal loyalty emanating from the family, school, religion or workplace.

The Right Wing view often appeals more to that latter power, while liberalism tends to employ and appeal to the abstract objective logic of fairness and compassion applied to the needs of the total stranger. When as a principle this is ignored, it also stirs real passions, re perceived social injustice.

However, liberalism can also of course be an inherited stance fostered by school, family or professional milieu. The power of intellect without the power of emotions is often weaker in force than the power of emotions without the input of the intellect. It is true that some things are too important to leave to the head alone, but equally there are many things that are too important to leave to the mercy of mere passionate emotion alone.

Astrologers would analyze a birth chart and know fairly quickly whether someone was more instinctively likely left or right leaning. The predominance of air signs especially Aquarius often tends to a more detached liberal stance and a predominance of water signs can lead to a more instinctive, knee jerk emotional stance.

It is no coincidence that Obama has Aquarius rising and his call is for Europe to boost growth also a controversial holy grail when ruthlessly pursued rather than pursue single-minded austerity for the general populace. Incidentally, President Obama is fortunate this month in having Jupiter conjunct his Moon in Gemini between June 25th to the 30th. This once every 12 year hit affords public popularity and a lucky, feel-good factor. Reason originally was a way of grappling with problems from an objective, non-partisan viewpoint, whereas, as Haidt points out, reason is now more commonly used to persuade others that our own prejudices and partisan views are right.

In both the U.

We can rub along together with our differing either conditioned or reasoned political opinions and allegiances when times are relatively easy, but when times are tough, recidivistic extremism and anger is born from a desire to protect oneself and the groups and values we feel loyal to. As Gemini native and poet W. All extremes are pathological. Added to the mix of current planetary powers in operation is Neptune is, who is relatively newly in his home sign of Pisces. Hence we now have an input of a powerful water and therefore strongly emotional combination.

This planetary position is however also one of compassion and downgraded materialism. Pisces and its ruler Neptune are all about redemption.


Sun Sign Aquarius – Let Your Light Shine – Maya del Mar’s Sun Signs – Daykeeper Journal

It also gives a boundary less sense of the wholistic interdependence of the planet, its ecology and ourselves. With this new power thrown in to the picture, the need to incorporate more spiritual and compassionate values into political goals is felt strongly and this will, over the next 13 years while Neptune does his work, be forced upon the powers that be.

Times of likely sociopolitical and even geophysical upheaval and crisis are at the end of the month, around the 29th and 30th, when the Sun is squared by Uranus and opposed by Pluto simultaneously, which is a pretty hefty planetary challenge. Times of real innovation intellectually and creatively when the future is leapt into are around the 20th and 21st when Venus sextiles Uranus, and a time when measured discipline is successfully utilised is around the 13th.

Financial and economic issues come under severe stress around the 5th when Venus squares up to Mars. The lunar eclipse will be visible over Australia, and as it rises, over eastern Asia and as it sets, over western North America and western Canada. Traditionally esoteric astrology suggests that a lunar eclipse marks the entry of dark forces into the sphere of the earth, and denotes the end of a chapter. A very pagan feel will be created with a possible rather strange and maybe uncomfortable twist.

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