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Its fire seized the heavens in such manner that the eye recoiled from its brilliance, and mighty sparks were thrown off from it. It broke into about a thousand pieces, each one as big as a house, and headed east in the direction of Khurasan in northeastern Iran. From it an awful noise issued, like thunderbolts or the levelling of mountains.

These noises lasted for half an hour and then disappeared. The sage, in the presence of a group, predicted, on the authority of Ptolemy, the fall of a mighty one in the East, Sultan Mahmud. Indeed, after a short interval the news of the potentate's death was received. The passage gives no explicit date, and inferences drawn from it seem to be inconsistent. Sultan Mahmud died in see, e.

Ali muhammad khan astrology

This would seem to date the event. But he was born in , hence was sixty years old when he died, and our passage implies that he had reached the age of sixty-four before the event transpired. Yusuf in the commentary to the Centiloquium said that once a comet dhu dhawaba appeared in Egypt which lasted about a year.

The passage gives no date, but Ibn Tulun's regnal years were The size of its head was that of a human head.

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Each night it became smaller, until after eighty nights and days it disappeared in the south. Ishaq Samarqandi, in the history Matla' al-sa'dayn alleges that at the time c. June May , because Mars and Mercury were combust in the tenth astrological house, the ascendant of the year in the sign of Aries, his father predicted the appearance of a comet. In that very year a comet appeared in the west. Mars was in the house of delusion wahm the ascendant the season of autumn?

ali muhammad khan astrology

This menial servant the writer , although at that time I was only fifteen years old, I informed the inhabitants of Khurasan that a comet would appear. In the latter part of Sha'ban c. It continued for about fifty nights and days". Because of these indications this menial servant, in the judgments for the almanacs, asserted that the appearance of one of the comets was possible, and at an opportune time presented the information to the king, the shadow of God. On the morning of Monday, 8 Dhu al-Hijja 26 Nov. Curiously enough, in an earlier part of the book, in the section on the indications of fixed stars f.

On the basis of this he made predictions to the king, which duly came to pass. The two dates are practically the same, and the zodiacal signs are adjoining, but different names are used for the category of tailed star observed. We have no explanation. Sources of the Tanbihat In the list below the part of an individual's name deemed to be his most common appellation is given first, and the whole alphabetized accordingly. In so doing, al-, abu, ibn, and k.

Parts of names which do not appear in the text have been enclosed in parentheses.

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When a number appears immediately behind a name, it is that given by the author of the Tanbihat in his own list of sources on f. When an individual is referred to more than twice in the text, we do not give folio references, but the total number of such occurrences. The latter may be in error, since the process of examining the manuscript was one of scanning rather than reading. Ishaq-i Samarqandi Kamal al-Din b.

Jalal al-Din , f. The Rising of the Beneficent Planets Ahmad b. Yusuf b. Ibrahim b. Tulun, the founder of the Tulunid dynasty of Egypt.

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He also wrote a commentary on the Centiloquium see below , of which many copies exist, and which went into Greek and Latin. Muhammad b. Qasim al-Khwarizmi al- Bukhari, No. Suter, p. Aratus Ardtas the Sage, No. Pseudo- Aristotle, No. Ashjar wa athmar, f. We find no mention of this individual elsewhere. Balkhi, Abu al-Qasim, No. GAS, vol. Our Balkhi discusses the death of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna, which occurred in Husayn , No. Biruni, Abu Rayhan, No.

The author reports his views on the motion of tailed stars. Brahma and the Indian astrologers, ff.

Buzurgmihr Budharjmihr b. Bakhtagan, No. Centiloquium Gr. Karpos, Ar. Democritus Dhamuqratas the Atomist, No. Ghaznawi, Abu al-Mahamid Muhammad b. Ahmad Harras? Hasib-i Makki, Ibrahim, No. But in our text his name con- sistently appears as Makki. He is invoked eighteen times, on subjects including the astrological implications of planetary retrograde motions and appearances as morning or evening stars.

Hermes Trismegistos, No. The sixty references to him in the Tanbihdt make up almost three times the number of appeals to any other single authority. What do eclipses do to your birth chart? Let's take a look at what this eclipse is all about and how you can find out where and how it will impact your life Everyone has been having fun, they have gotten really good at finding the personality in the chart, we just did "can you guess who Look up tonight and you will see the Moon go dark!

It will happen at pm Atlantic time. When I took a look at the local chart, I noticed that because of the Midheaven at 26 Gemini, our eclipse is going to be way cooler than the same event situated elsewhere. Keep up to date with all the latest offers and information I have to offer. I will explain it. If all karakas are used in navamsha it is called Swamsha. It is the tradition followed in many parts of northern India and gives excellent results.

See a sutra for example: Shukrendo Shukradrishe rasavadi p 49, meaning that if Venus is in Karakamsha lagna and is aspected by Moon, he will become a dealer in medicines etc. Suresh Ch, Mishra Jaimini Sutram of Ranjan Publications, edition in Hindi Anyone in the world with Moon and Venus in the same degrees as Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka in the birth horoscope will also have them in navamsha and they all will become dealers in medicines.

If you judge it from Karakamsha in lagna it may give a different meaning and lot of flexibility is available for interpretation. It is why traditionally, north Indian astrologers put Karakamsha in the birth horoscope and judge the results.

If you blend the results from Karakamsha in lagna and Karakamsha in Swamsha meaning all karakas put in navamsha as south Indian astrologers do you get better results. Special Point Finally, no writer on Jaimini has talked of Darakaraka as both giver of spouse and also death. Death should ofcourse be predicted after finding out the span of life which is a tough task and should be approached through many techniques combined in a harmonious scheme and technique.

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